• Environment

    Maize millers are committed to running a sustainable business that protects the environment

    The European dry maize milling sector is one of the largest single food user of local maize. It is crucial for the long-term health and prosperity of the industry that local farming systems are sustainable and that biodiversity loss is prevented.

    Our industry invests in the best available green technology, continuously improving the efficiency of the maize milling process with no significant waste. As Euromaisiers, we are committed to meeting every environmental goal set out by the EU and local regulations. We promote maximal use of natural resources such as sun drying maize, natural irrigation and drainage, as well as minimising the use of pesticides and fertilisers.

    An important part of this approach is reducing the environmental footprint of our products. This can be done through the efficient collection and transportation from farms via dedicated inland and port silos, efficient bulk shipping in large volume ships, optimisation of the logistics planning (full truckloads on the road). Some maize millers have also implemented a next-door raw-maize integrated chain through local farmers.

    Sustainability also involves ethical principles of respect for people and society, as well as the environment. Success is only measured by the well-being of individuals: well-being that goes beyond simple economic gratification.