About Euromaisiers

Euromaisiers is the organisation representing the European maize milling sector. 

The maize milling sector produces natural and healthy maize-based ingredients, which are used for the production of food and drink products, including breakfast cereals, snacks and beer. A variety of other food products relies on the supply of maize-based ingredients. 

The members of Euromaisiers are 21 companies active in the maize milling sector. They are located in 10 European member countries, spanning from North to South and East to West of the EU. The company members are mostly small and medium enterprises having close tights with the local communities which they help in their socio-economic growth. They provide for the jobs in the local communities and represent a valuable outlet for maize farmers. More than 70% of the raw maize ground used by the mills is of EU-origin.

The total installed capacity of the Euromaisiers membership totals 2.5 millions tons, of which about 1.5 million is used every year, depending on the market requests. 


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